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Former student shout out. Congrats Mark Delabarre!

Former student and actor extraordinare, Mark Delabarre,  has booked the new JJ Abrams pilot.  B & M could not be happier for him. Go Mark!


Ed Helms stops by to say hi!



Betcha didn't know that Ed Helms is a Brooke and Mary alum?  Well he is.  He stopped by to say hi today while he was at some big time celebrity event.  Lookin good Ed.




We have a blog!

Finally!  The day has come where we will now be able to keep you updated on the events and happening in the world of Brooke and Mary.  

It's hard to believe that we have been teaching our Commercial Intensive Class for over 10 years now.  What started as a idea has become a big success.  We could not be happier doing what we do and sharing with actors the knowledge we have about the world of commercials.  

We will use this blog to sing the praises of our students and keep you updated on industry happenings.

B & M



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