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How Do I Get an Agent?

A common question actors ask us is “How do I get an agent?” Our answer is counter-intuitive. In fact, we don't like to answer it. Let us explain. Our advice is to stop thinking about trying to get an agent and focus instead on getting work. You are actors, not agent seekers.  The phrase, "if you build it, they will come” from Field of Dreams could not be more applicable in the agent hunt process.   If your head is focused on finding an agent your work will suffer.  Instead of killing it in your off-Broadway show or improv gig, you’ll be thinking about hoping so-and-so is in the audience to see you perform and potentially sign you.  Not good.

So, where to find work on your own?  Here are a couple of suggestions.

  1. Sign-up to Casting Networks and Actors Access.  You can post your headshot and resume and find auditions that you can self submit on.
  2. Sign-up to our site, and get audition notices from Brooke and Mary.
  3. Get involved in the improv theaters.  The Upright Citizens Brigade, The Peoples Improv Theater and the Magnet Theater all have great classes and opportunities to get on stage and strut your stuff.
  4. Take a class. Take an improv class, an acting class, a commercial class.  Keep studying.  Keep fresh and at the ready.
  5. If you’re funny try stand-up.  Go to an open mic night and take the plunge.
  6. Write your own stuff, grab a group of friends and make your own web show.  Everyone has the capabilities now to showcase and promote on the web.

After you are super busy doing all of the above, get in front of agents and casting directors.  These are the folks who can assist you in your pursuit for work.  The key word here is ASSIST.  Agents don’t do the majority of the work.  You do.  Research who you want to meet.  If you are focusing in commercials get in front of casting directors and agents who focus on commercials, if it’s theater get in front of those folks and so on.  Now, you probably want to know where you can get in front of those folks.  Well, here is a couple of ideas.

  1. Places like Actors Connection, One on One Productions and the Actors Greenroom offer opportunities to meet and get in front of agents and casting directors.  They also offer classes and workshops.  Make sure you research who you want to get in front of to get the most bang for your buck.
  2. Brooke and Mary offer special, small events with casting directors and agents periodically throughout the year.  Check for the upcoming events.  They sell out quickly.

Above all, don’t sit around complaining that nothing is happening in your acting career.  Make stuff happen.  Take control of what you can control and let the other stuff (the stuff you can’t control) go.

Hope this helps!

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