Getting Risky and Frisky with Mary Callahan
Tuesday, February 10, 2015
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Hello my fine people. Mary here. I’ve decided to start blogging. In the past Brooke has posted a few things, but I have some deep thoughts I want to share. And it’s not often I think deep.

Brooke and I have been teaching our classes for over 13 years now. I think. Isn’t it funny that we honestly don’t know how many years we’ve been teaching? It would require a small amount of research, and we just can’t bring ourselves to get that job done. (I blame Brooke) We do have a polaroid picture of us with our first check from our first student. (back then checks were the thing!) It’s a beautiful picture. My hair was kind of orange and I wore dark red/brown lipstick. Brooke was Pamela Anderson blonde. I’m 98% sure one or both of us was wearing a turtleneck. And although we had big grins on our selfie faces (yes, it was a selfie- B and M invented those) -we were scared. Start our own business? What if it didn’t work?  Two people teaching together? What if we didn’t teach well together? What if everyone hated the class?


Here’s why I’m talking about risk taking. Many of you are doing it. I see it in emails, I see it on television and I see it on Facebook. It makes me so happy to stalk you. And you should be darn proud of yourself. It doesn’t matter if you end up famous (although I like that some of you are now and still message us and stuff), I don’t care if you risk creating your own web show, taking a stab at stand up, or having a baby in the middle of your career. I just love to see that you are making bold choices. Getting it done. Y’all are getting risky and frisky. And I Love it.

I’m so proud of myself for the moment Brooke and I decided to go full force with B and M. We did it and never looked back. I’m proud when people from my neighborhood ask me about it with surprised eyes.  I’m proud to tell my parents how successful the classes are going. I’m proud to tell my daughters about it in a few years when I get to give them the “inspirational” talks about fighting for what makes them happy, because teaching all of you does just that.  And of course, I’m proud to be an American. (had to)



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